The three phases of care?

Chiropractor Javea - first visit. Chiropractor Javea, Costa Blanca - first visitJust as one must first lay a proper foundation before building a house, there is an order to the chiropractic approach to care of your spine. Care can be divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Acute phase: alleviation/pain relief

Many who seek chiropractic care do so initially because they are suffering from an acute or chronic problem. If you have pain when you come to us, our first goal is to help you feel better. During this phase, the time between your adjustments will likely be short.

Phase 2: Stabilization

Continued spinal correction during this phase allows the muscles and other tissues which stabilize the spine to heal. The time between visits will be longer, and you will most likely be feeling much better.

Phase 3: Maintenance/Wellness care

Our modern lifestyle exposes us to a variety of stress factors. Once your function has been restored, we recommend that you continue with periodic care. In this way you help to prevent future problems, while optimizing the function of your nervous system.

Many top level athletes have realized that chiropractic care helps them recover more quickly from injuries, and prevent future problems. It also helps them to improve their overall performance, and gives them the extra edge they need to perform at their peak.